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Defending a woman’s right to choose while ensuring full access to reproductive Health Care is imperative. As a nurse, Patty will never shy away from what she believes is her duty to protect and fight for a woman's right to choose, not only for her district but also for all the women in the state of Missouri.

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Health Care is a right, not a privilege. All Missourians deserve access to affordable, quality health care.  Patty will protect Medicaid Expansion, focusing on preventative care programs and resources, fighting the opioid epidemic, and increasing access to mental health services. 

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We need common-sense gun reforms including universal background checks and red flag laws. As a nurse who worked in a trauma center, Patty saw first hand the impact gun violence has on victims and their families. Gun violence prevention and promoting gun safety are top priorities for Patty.

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Patty will vote to uphold the will of the people and promote a transparent, ethical government. Patty also supports accessible absentee voting, automatic voter registration, and believes we should eliminate gerrymandering.

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Patty believes we must fight for policy changes to combat systemic racism and racial injustices including addressing police reform and local control of KCPD, investing in education, affordable health care, fighting against income inequality, and eliminating voter suppression.

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No one should live in fear of being fired or kicked out of their home because of who they love and that is why Patty believes we must pass laws to protect the LGBTQ community.


Climate change is real. We have to act fast! Patty will fight for climate resilient solutions and work to encourage proactive strategies that will decrease greenhouse gases and improve our local climate.


In 2018 we defeated Right to Work and passed a minimum wage increase in Missouri but our workers’ rights are still under attack in Jefferson City. Patty will advocate to protect workers’ rights to earn a living wage, ensure workers have safe working conditions, and protect their right to organize.

Economic Growth-11.png

We must continue to grow our economy by investing in higher education and infrastructure, promote local job growth, and support our small businesses.

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